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I keep my wing hand strong

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booze+ paint =

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painting after alcohol laden argument = this….I started bottom left so its interesting to see what happens as the canvas fills up…I had barely a recollection I painted this till i saw it the next day,…

has a nice ring to it…


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a friend asked me to paint something lebowski for a  gift for a friend,…apparently a cool friend…

so I did one of the dude and one of the jesus,.. she decided they wanted both,…and with the generous amount of money they gave me for them…I offered to paint something for them…for them to keep…so they wanted something for their dining room….I had them snap a  quick pick…

and asked them for suggestions….

“My family is being profoundly unhelpful. I told them we could pick the subject for an original Bjorn Davidson painting and they came up with things like crying clowns, dog portraits, a talking hamburger and a self-portrait of you playing the banjo. I am living in a nuthouse. Will get back on you on the subject. Got a check in the mail to you today. Thanks for the Lebowski paintings!

August 9Bjørn Davidson
o.k ill see about making a painting of me playing the banjo,dressed as a crying clown,looking at a dog portrait with a talking hamburger,…i cant guarantee that will be done in time,…”

they later decided on four peices of cake as the theme…I made two and figured id send the better one,…although im not sure which one that is ….

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this is the town of Millstadt in Austria on the left,…and a  small board that my grandfather painted of the city,…my great grandmothers house is the one 3rd from the point….on the back it is signed and dated,…and shows that it was at one point part of a  portrait of a Sgt. F…..

wish i knew more